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WHOIS Lookup

The WHOIS service provides a means to query the registry database to check the availability and registration information of domain names, including the current status, licence holder, eligibility category and public contact details.

Go to the official .au WHOIS page

For more information
about the .au WHOIS
service please see the
auDA WHOIS Policy.

Please note

  • The registrant contact and technical contact can be updated in the management console. For further information, see the Access and contact page.

  • The name servers listed for the domain name in WHOIS are authoritative for all DNS records for the domain name. To add or modify individual DNS records you will need to contact the provider of the listed name servers. The name servers listed can be changed using the management console. For further information, see the Hosting and DNS records page.

  • To make corrections to the registrant entity (in accordance with Sections 2.18.2 - 2.18.4 of .au Domain Administration Rules: Licensing) or to update the eligibility details listed against a domain name, please email from an authorised email address.

  • If you believe that a registrant entity listed in WHOIS is not currently eligible to hold an domain name licence, please see Part 3 of .au Domain Administration Rules: Licensing and contact our support team.

  • The management console issues all notifications to the account level contacts which may differ from those listed in the WHOIS. If you would like to confirm your account level contact details, please email from an authorised email address.

For the terms and conditions of the WHOIS lookup service, please see the official .au WHOIS page.

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