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The contact information returned by the WHOIS may differ from the contacts nominated for the management system. If you are the registrant and would like to confirm these details please contact our support team. If you believe that any of the information returned is incorrect and you are unable to change it via your account in the management console or if you believe that the registrant is no longer eligible to hold a registration under current published policy please contact our support team via email to

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Registry Fields Explained

  • Domain Name
    The registered domain name.

  • Last Modified
    Date the domain name record was last modified.

  • Registrar Name / ID
    Changes to any of the information in the WHOIS response can only be made through this entity.

  • Status
    The current state of the registration.
    - OK: Registration is current
    - Inactive: Insufficient name servers to resolve.
    - Hold: Domain disabled for stated reason.
    - Prohibited: Stated action not available.

  • Registrant / Registrant ID
    Legal name and associated ID for the entity that currently holds the registration.

  • Eligibility Type
    The eligibility policy category by which the registrant was granted the domain name.

  • Eligibility Name / ID
    Additional details used to establish eligibility or connection to the domain name.

  • Registrant Contact
    Authoritative contact from the registrant entity.

  • Tech Contact
    Technical contact from the registrant entity or service provider as nominated by the registrant.

  • Name Server
    Servers hosting and used to resolve the DNS records for the domain name.